• The Commons Theatre (map)
  • 587A College Street
  • Toronto, ON, M6G 1B2
  • Canada

Mozart's delectable opera Don Giovanni has long been loved for its lush melodies and arrangements, lustful story and charismatic characters. In this modern setting, we are taking inspiration from the Expressionism movement and staging this in an intimate and interactive way that has never before been seen. We're letting all the rotten, sexy and morally corrupt shades of humanity show as we ask important questions about the characters and ourselves, such as when does persistent seduction cross the line of consent? What does sex have to do with power? What does gender have to do with it, and how does this power play resonate now with our gender and sexual socio-political context of 2017? How would we react now to a powerful and wealthy man getting away with sexual assault because of his position and power? Indeed we feel these questions rise the blood in our veins, and I'm sure they will yours too. Here to bring you on this adventure is our extraordinary cast. Directed by our Artistic Director, Michelle Righetti