2016/2017 Season

Our past. Our future. Our Present. Here's where you can next become a part of the Opera multiverse: 


2016/2017 Season

Our past. Our future. Our Present. Here's where you can next become a part of the Opera multiverse: 

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Don Giovanni

Mozart's delectable opera Don Giovanni has long been loved for its lush melodies and arrangements, lustful story and charismatic characters. In this modern setting, we are taking inspiration from the Expressionism movement and staging this in an intimate and interactive way that has never before been seen. We're letting all the rotten, sexy and morally corrupt shades of humanity show as we ask important questions about the characters and ourselves, such as when does persistent seduction cross the line of consent? What does sex have to do with power? What does gender have to do with it, and how does this power play resonate now with our gender and sexual socio-political context of 2017? How would we react now to a powerful and wealthy man getting away with sexual assault because of his position and power? Indeed we feel these questions rise the blood in our veins, and I'm sure they will yours too. Here to bring you on this adventure is our extraordinary cast.

@ The Commons Theatre, 587A College Street (Upstairs)

April 27-May 6  TICKETS      cast

Easter Carol Service

Join us for Church of The Redeemer's annual Easter Carol Service! Featuring Odd Opera's stunning soloists in a divine quartet, and Church of the Redeemer's angelic choir, bringing you selections fromBeethoven's Fidelio, Mozart's Idomeneo, and more!  

Odd Opera's Quartet::

Soprano/Marzelline: Alyssa Woolhether

Mezzo-Soprano/Leonore: Lydia Harper

Tenor/Jaquino: Colin Frotten 

Baritone/Rocco: Anthony Rodrigues

@ Church of The Redeemer  7:00 pm 162 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1M4     MORE INFO





Yo, Saturnalia!

@ Church of The Redeemer

December 16


Casting Call

Casting Call


CASTING: Lead roles and ensemble/Chorus-2017/2018 season open call (pagliacci/la fille du regiment/other)

AUDITIONS: by appointment only  URGENT



We are currently accepting submissions from interested singers, musicians, aerialists collaborators and other artists. If you would like to be a part of Odd Opera's current or future seasons, or have an idea you think would be a fit let us know!

**For audition requests with less than 24 hours, please call 647-836-4132 to request an audition

Email info@oddopera and please include the following:

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Dasio Catalá
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Cari Pine
Niamh Carolan
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Ramona Carmelly



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Hear what the media is saying about us


Hear what the media is saying about us


Don Giovanni


 "It is a story that, unfortunately, has not lost any of its relevancy over the centuries past — sexual violence, assault, emotional abuse, gender politics, and apologists for all of the above haven’t faded into history. In fact, these crimes are just as prevalent now, which makes Odd Opera‘s current production even that much more haunting...What truly stands out in this performance are the talents. I was blown away by Klassen’s powerful voice and magnetic stage presence. As Donna Elvira, she was radiant in her anger. I was also stunned by Robert de Vrij, bass-barritone, who played Il Commendatore. de Vrij is known as one of the foremost bass-baritones in Canada and his talent is truly evident. And, despite my hatred towards the character, Catalá played up the sleazy nature of Don Giovanni wonderfully. The irony of his character sporting a Donald Trump toupee was certainly not lost on me. Pianist and musical director Adolfo De Santis was also superb in his accompaniment to the show."  (TO READ THE FULL REVIEW, CLICK HERE)